Supplier Partner Programs

Miraj Connects You to the Billion Dollar South Asian Wedding Industry


Use Miraj supplier partnership to maximize your product and service competitiveness.


MIRAJ International partners with local, national, and international resources and has established solid, long-standing vendor relations.

To qualify to be a supplier partner, we expect Outstanding Performance, Premium Materials and Enduring Value and Savings extended to our clients    


Supplier Partner Categories: Venues, Décor/Flowers, Caterers, Photographers/Videographers, Invitations/Stationery, DJ/Bands/Entertainment, Linens, Rentals, Lighting, Guest Accommodations, Transportation, Salons & Spas, Bridal Attire, Tuxedos, Cake and Various Others


Opportunities await for alliances with service providers in the event industry such as but not limited to: Hotels, Country Clubs, Banquet Halls & other Venues,  Photographers, Videographers, Floral Designers, Lighting, Caterers, DJ's & Entertainment, Rentals, Invitations, Cakes, Bridal Attire, Make-up Artists, and Hair Stylists...


Benefits to having a collaborative, collegial supplier relationship


All of us need a trusted partner to ensure quality of performance. When we don’t have all the skills or resources needed to truly delight customers, it makes sense to partner with a company that can contribute those missing pieces. By making your processes and systems seamless in service to those customers, two parties can create greater value for customers and for themselves.


In today's networked economy, few companies do everything on their own. Suppliers help companies build better products and services. Many companies have discovered the virtue of partnering Wal-Mart, Proctor and Gamble, Ford, Dell are one of the examples, why not in the event industry?


  • Greater visibility
  • Business growth
  • Collaborate by reducing costs
  • Improve service and quality
  • Innovation
  • Opportunity to reach new markets
  • Improve performance and productivity
  • Improve customer satisfaction


Premium Preferred Supplier Partners

Long established relationship with top tier supplier partners who have delivered time after time exceptional service.


Preferred Supplier Partners

Trusted pool of talent and resources preforming at their best.


General Supplier Partners

Extension of our reach to industry wide alliances which continues to grow.